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7 Tips for Elopement Photography

1. **Plan Ahead:** Discuss your vision, preferred locations, and any specific shots you want with your photographer well in advance. 2. **Scout Locations: ** If possible, visit and scout your elopement locations with the photographer beforehand to identify the best spots for photos. 3. **Unobtrusive Style: ** Choose a photographer with a documentary or unobtrusive style to capture candid moments without being intrusive during your elopement. 4. **Natural Posing: ** Opt for natural and relaxed posing, allowing the photographer to capture genuine emotions and interactions between you and your partner. 5. **Capture Details: ** Ask your photographer to capture the small details like the rings, bouquet, and other elements that contribute to the overall story of your elopement. 6. **Communication is Key: ** Keep an open line of communication with your photographer, especially on the elopement day, to address any concerns or changes. 7. **Relax and Enjoy Elopement Photography: ** Once the day arrives, relax, enjoy the moment, and trust your photographer to capture the essence of your elopement. Authentic moments often make the best photos.

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