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Whimsical Moments: Wedding Photography in White Plains

Essential White Plains: George's Life Capture

George's exceptional collection in White Plains expertly captures life's significant moments: encompassing Weddings, Engagements, and Family Portraits, reflecting deep commitment, tender promises, and heartwarming bonds.


Within White Plains, George's portfolio weaves together a visual story of memories, evoking the joy, tenderness, and unity that define these precious occasions.

White Plains Wedding Photography
White Plains engagement photographer

About George

I'm George, a professional CT-based photographer specializing in weddings, engagements, events, and portraits. With a unique style,
I capture your emotions and details. My goal is to create timeless, evocative images that reflect your style.

Whether it's a wedding, engagement, or other milestone, I approach each with a deep understanding and commitment to capturing precious details.

Geroge Verdzadze engagement photographer
"The first photographer I originally had canceled on me a few weeks before my wedding and I was freaking out and then I found George and messaged him within 15 min he answered me and he kept in contact the whole time and the day of my wedding I was running a little late and George was there before I was even there and he was so amazing and nice anyone would be so lucky to have him be your photographer and my wedding pictures took a week and two days to get back to me and that was awesome and on top of that my pictures came out fantastic he did an awesome some and I couldn’t thank him enough super friendly so should consider hiring him for your wedding!"

Alexandria D

Package & Prices

George Verzadze Photography welcomes you to explore personalized photography packages that align with your unique vision. Whether you're seeking intimate portraits or capturing grand events, George's pricing structure ensures consistent excellence.


Our commitment to transparency and flexibility gives you the liberty to choose the perfect option for preserving your most loving memories.


Elevate your special moments with George's expert photography in White Plains, where your unique narrative will be creatively and exquisitely captured, all within your budget.


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Wedding Photography

Experience every treasured moment of your special day in White Plains through our wedding photography, where every moment becomes eternal art, from the initial glance to the ultimate dance

Engagement Photography

Celebrate your love story's inception in White Plains with captivating photos capturing your engagement. Let us craft everlasting memories for you to cherish eternally.

Family Portraits 

In White Plains, our family portraits elegantly encapsulate heartwarming moments, expertly weaving the laughter, love, and connections within your family into enduring memories meant to be loved for generations.

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