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Elegant Moments: Wedding Photography in New Caanan

Capturing Life's Essence: George's Artistry in New Caanan

George's expert portfolio in New Caanan beautifully captures life's defining moments: Weddings, Engagements, and Family Portraits, reflecting profound commitment, tender promises, and heartwarming bonds.


Within New Caanan, George's work is a visual tapestry of cherished memories, evoking the joy, tenderness, and unity that define these precious occasions.

New Caanan Photographer
New Canaan wedding photographer

About George

I'm George, a professional CT-based photographer specializing in weddings, engagements, events, and portraits. With a unique style,
I capture your emotions and details. My goal is to create timeless, evocative images that reflect your style.

Whether it's a wedding, engagement, or other milestone, I approach each with a deep understanding and commitment to capturing precious details.

Engagement Photography in New Caanan
"We used George for our wedding in October. The pictures came out amazing! George did a fantastic job of capturing the moment. Its funny how fast the entire event goes by - in the blink of an eye! I don’t recall seeing George at the reception, I was so caught up in the moment! I was delighted to see several 100 reception pictures — it was like catching up on everything I missed! He captured everything from bouquet toss to guests sitting at the tables posing for a photo. I would definitely recommend George for your photography needs!"


Package & Prices

George Verzadze Photography welcomes you to explore photography packages tailored to your unique vision. Whether you're looking for intimate portraits or capturing grand events, George's pricing structure ensures unwavering excellence.


Our commitment to transparency and flexibility gives you the freedom to choose the perfect option for preserving your most treasured memories.


Elevate your special moments with George's expert photography in New Caanan, where your distinctive story will be artfully and exquisitely captured, all within your budget.


 Wedding Photographer in New Caanan


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Wedding Photography

Our New Caanan wedding photography preserves every treasured moment of your special day. From the first glance to the last dance, we transform love into timeless art.

Engagement Photography

Embrace your New Caanan engagement with breathtaking photos that tell the story of the beginning of your love journey. Let us craft enduring memories for you to cherish forever.

Family Portraits 

In the heart of New Caanan, our family portraits elegantly encapsulate the essence of cherished moments. We specialize in transforming the laughter, love, and connections of your family into enduring memories that will be treasured for generations to come.

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